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Telnet Tutorial

Using Telnet requires client software which acts as a terminal emulator. We highly recommend CRT for Telnet use to all of our clients. 

CRT is a 32-bit terminal emulator designed for Internet and intranet use with support for both the telnet and rlogin protocols. CRT includes a 30-day, try-before-you-buy, fully-functional evaluation license. CRT is extremely customizable and easy to use. Remote sites can be easily accessed by just entering a hostname.

CRT is packed with features. Some of the more popular features include named sessions, auto login, printing, zmodem file transfer, emacs mode, and SOCKS firewall support.

CRT has received many awards, including 5 cows from Tucows among many others. CRT is manufactured by Van Dyke Technologies.

An alternative to CRT is Windows Telnet, which comes free with Windows 95/98. Windows Telnet is a very basic Telnet application with no additional features. 

Before proceeding, please be sure you have downloaded and installed any version of CRT 2.x.

First, open CRT from Windows. Once you have opened CRT (perhaps you had to agree to a
license agreement or acknowledge an evaluation period), you should see a screen like the one shown below.


Once you see the screen displayed above click the "New" button.

Next, you should see a screen like the one shown below. Complete the blank fields with your name and hostname.




Save the configuration on the screen by pressing "OK". Your screen should now look like the screen below with your Session List. 


Press the "OK" button to log into Telnet. You will be prompted for your login ( ) and password (use your system password). Once you login to your account you can begin issuing commands from Telnet.

You will automatically be logged into the "root" of your account. The root of your account will be displayed as "/". Below is the dialogue you should see when you log into your virtual server via Telnet:

SunOS 5.7

Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.7       Generic May 1999

*               Welcome to the CTSH shell v 2.0!                     
*         Today is: September 18, 1999 at  3:26:24 PM                               
*        You are currently using  MB of disk space.                       
*          You have transferred  MB of bandwidth.          
*                   Anonymous FTP is Enabled                   

You currently have X POP3 E-Mail accounts.

Your POP3 E-Mail accounts status:

 = You have new mail.

Welcome to !  All activity is monitored at all times.  Please
observe and obey the following rules:

1.  IRC bots of any type are strictly forbidden.
2.  Any programs which run in the background are forbidden.
3.  The use of external FTP and webservers are strictly forbidden.
4.  Excessive use of crontab is forbidden.
5.  The gcc compiler may be used only for CGI programs relating to your website.

Anyone found in violation of these rules are subject to all Telnet privileges 
being revoked without notice.

To see this message again at anytime enter:  stats

:/ >
From here, you can begin issuing commands from Telnet.

Telnet is very powerful in the sense that you can edit your files directly through a terminal emulator, which avoids any need to perform file transfers from your client to your virtual server. Below are some common Telnet commands.

pico <filename> -- Pico is a common text editor used to modify files.

cd <directory> -- cd, or change directory, is a binary which allows you to move into different directories of your virtual server. Very essential!

ls -- ls is a commonly used binary which lists all files and directories in the current working directory.

pine -- pine is a popular mail utility that allows you to check and send e-mail directly from your virtual server.

Congratulations.  You have completed this short tutorial on telnet.




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