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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have FTP software available for download?

We recommend a shareware program called WS_FTP for IBM compatibles and Fetch for Macintosh users. You can download WS_FTP and Fetch from several sites including download.com.

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What FTP host name do I use to access my web site(s)?

To update your web pages, FTP into ftp.yourdomain.com. Prior to virtual domain registration (or transfer) you will need to use the IP address as the FTP hostname (i.e. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx instead of ftp.yourdomain.com). The IP address associated with your domain is also included in the activation notice. If you create any links using the IP address, we suggest that you modify the HTML to reflect your domain name once active. Using relative paths rather than absolute paths when linking web pages will eliminate the need to modify your links.

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What should I do if denied access via FTP?

  • If you are denied access AFTER entering your userid and password, you may be using the wrong password. Check the activation notice sent to you via email when the account was first set up. If you changed your password and it doesn't seem to be working, contact support@techtrade.com and we will reset your password. Remember that your userid and password are case sensitive!
  • If you can connect via FTP, but not access your web-based login, carefully read the web-based access instructions included with the activation email.
  • If you cannot connect at all, or connect and then "hang", there may be problems with connectivity.

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What should I do if denied access to my web site when using a browser?

If you receive the message "There is no DNS entry for http://www.yourdomain.com", there are several possible explanations:

1) Try to reach the site using the IP address. If you are successful, the domain name is either not active or not yet propagated. If you have a virtual domain, your IP address was sent to you when you signed up.

For a new domain, it may take up to 4 days for the name to be released by the InterNIC and propagated to DNSs (Domain Name Servers) throughout the Internet. (Foreign domains and transfers take longer).

2) If you can reach the site with the IP address and you know it has been more than 72 hours since the name was released by InterNIC:

  • Clear your browser cache and try again.
    If you are using Netscape Navigator, first select Options | Network Preferences, then choose the Cache tab. Click on the buttons "Clear Memory Cache Now" and "Clear Disk Cache Now" and OK, then click Reload.
    For Internet Explorer Select View | Options, then the Navigation tab and click "Clear History" and OK, then click Refresh.

    Note: Netscape may require manually clearing the cache. With Windows Explorer find the Netscape folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Cache - then highlight and delete the files in the Cache folder - then click on Reload)

  • If you know that others are able to reach the site with the domain name but you can't (even after clearing the Cache), contact your local ISP. They may not have updated their DNS records.

  • If you are still unable to reach it after all of these steps, email us at support@techtrade.com for assistance. Be sure to describe all the steps you have already taken.

3) If you are unable to reach the site with either the domain name OR the IP address you may be experiencing connectivity problems.

If you are unable to reach this URL, either wait until connectivity is restored and try again, or contact your local ISP for information on possible network problems.

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What are the files and folders I see when I connect to my web site?

When you connect to the root or "home" directory of your account via ftp, you will see a public_html directory and several files.

The only directory you will need to use is the public_html; this is the directory you need to upload all of your files into. Ignore all the files in this initial directory, they are system files.

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How do I get my page to load automatically?

You must name your main loading file either "index.htm", "index.html", "index.shtml", or even "index.cgi". Be sure to name everything in lowercase, not "INDEX.HTM" . Also, this file must to located in your public_html directory, so you will need to go into this directory first when you FTP into your account.

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What directory and file names are acceptable?

Our operating system (LINUX) is case sensitive. In other words, the file name "index.html" is NOT the same as "INDEX.html". If your HTML code references a faq.html, but the actual file name is in upper case, this will result in a 404-File Not Found error. This applies to directory names as well.

The biggest problem users have is creating a cgi-bin directory where they put all of their perl scripts. THIS WILL NOT WORK! You CANNOT use the name "cgi-bin" for a directory in your account, this name is reserved for the server! This is why we created a cgi-local directory for your account located in your public_html directory.

To prevent errors, we suggest naming all files in lower case. Spaces and and special control characters are generally not a good idea. The underscore character ("_") is acceptable. You should avoid special characters (e.g. ! @ ~ # $ % ^ & * : ') in file names. We suggest that you keep the length of file names to a minimum.

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How do I update my web pages?

You can literally create and maintain your web pages, images, and scripts locally and upload them to the web server at your leisure via FTP. You can overwrite existing files by transferring a file with the same name and extension into the same directory or transfer new files.

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How do I create sub-directories?

We recommend using the "make directory" feature, (MkDir button in WS_FTP) in our recommended FTP client software, WS_FTP. In Telnet, type in "mkdir directory_name" at the prompt and a directory will be created.

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How can I simulate sub-websites within my account?

To simulate a sub-web site (www.yourdomain.com/anothersite), you have to create a new directory (or folder to MAC users) and then upload the main loading page (index.html). You can setup as many sub-web sites as you wish. Techtrade Internet Services only charges additional fees if you go over the allotted disk space limit of 350MB.

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How do I access my Personal Control Panel?

Once your account is active, you can access your Personal Control Panel in the following manner:

  •  http://www.yourdomain.com:911

If your domain name is still in the registration process, you can still access the Personal Control Panel using the temporary URL provided within your activation notice.

If your IP address is:, then you would enter:

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When will I be able to reach my site using the domain name?

Once the InterNIC announces that your domain name has been registered (or transferred, if applicable), it usually takes about 72-hours before it is active. All internet providers must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect new site locations. This is called propagation.

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Can Techtrade Internet Services restore my file(s) from backup?

If your account is active and you need a file or multiple files restored from backup, please send an email to support@techtrade.com with the following information:

  • domain name, or sub-domain name
  • date to base file restoration (specify "CURRENT" if the most recent copies are needed)
  • specify file name(s) or "ALL"

Please note that there is a minimum $50 restoration fee.

Nightly backups are performed on all user files so Techtrade Internet Services should be able to retrieve your files, however, no guarantee is made by Techtrade Internet Services. It is always a good idea to backup all of your files on a regular basis depending on how often you update your website.

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