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E-mail Support

What is a POP3 account and how is it different that just an e-mail address?

A POP3 account is different from just a normal e-mail address offered by Hotmail or MailExcite because you can sent and receive your e-mail through external mail programs with a POP3 account.

External mail programs are much easier to use than browser-based e-mail clients because they manage your e-mail, can filter incoming mail, and so on.

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How many POP3 accounts do I get with my virtual or sub-domain name at Techtrade Internet Services? with my virtual domain at Techtrade?

Your account includes 100 POP3 e-mail accounts.

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What external program do you recommend for retrieving my e-mail?

We strongly recommend Eudora Light 3.06 to send and retrieve your e-mail. Eudora Light is a freeware program made by Qualcomm Inc. and has many of the same functions as other mail clients.

You may download Eudora Light from the Techtrade anonymous ftp server at ftp://techtrade.com or from sites like

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How do I setup Eudora to retrieve my e-mail?

From any version of Eudora (Light or Pro), select Tools --> Options, then set your Mail Server to mail.yoursite.com and SMTP server to smtp.yoursite.com. Enter your login@yoursite.com. Be sure to use your actual domain name rather than "yoursite.com".

Now simply check your e-mail, you will be prompted for your password. Some versions of Eudora allow you to save your password and check your e-mail automatically every so often. 

If you are unfamiliar with Eudora you will be interested in a free tutorial on this program. Download and unzip the eudora.zip file from the Techtrade anonymous ftp server at ftp://techtrade.com.

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How do I setup Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer to retrieve my e-mail?

Consult the help files included with these programs.

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Can I get more POP3 accounts for my account at Techtrade Internet Services?

We allow you to have 100 POP3 e-mail accounts on each account you have with us. If you need additional POP3 accounts, you will need to open another account.

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How do I setup my account so anything@mysite.com goes to my_login@mysite.com?

You do not need to do anything to get anything@yoursite.com to forward to your my_login@yoursite.com. We set this up as a default when you signed up with us. If you wish for certain e-mail addresses, such as sales@mydomain.com to forward somewhere other than my_login@yoursite.com, you will need to set this up through the Personal Control Panel.

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How do I setup e-mail forwarding on my account at Techtrade Internet Services?

By default, anything@yoursite.com (sales@yoursite.com, abcxyz@yoursite.com, 38ck3gh#@yoursite.com) will automatically forward to my_login@yoursite.com. You need to visit your Personal Control Panel to configure your e-mail for warding settings.

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Can I have e-mail forwarded from non-Techtrade e-mail addresses to my account(s) at Techtrade Internet Services?

No, this is impossible. You cannot have e-mail forwarded from an e-mail address unless it is a site hosted on Techtrade Internet Services. For example, you could not forward your e-mail at America Online to your POP3 account at Techtrade Internet Services.

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What is an e-mail list and how do I set one up on my account?

An e-mail list allows you to send the same message to multiple e-mail addresses in one setting. You just specify one time who you would like on your e-mail address yourself one time. You can later remove any e-mail addresses from your list. This feature is controlled by your Personal Control Panel, which is where you can setup your e-mail list.

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