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Hampton Roads 
Chiropractic Center
Dr. Scott E. Olney
1056 Harpersville Road
Newport News, Virginia 23601

Phone: (757) 596-9696 
Facsimile: (757) 596-9696




Services Offered:

Hampton Roads Chiropractic is a full service Chiropractic and  Acupuncture Clinic.  We have a variety of Chiropractic techniques available for use for patients.  These include the usual diversified spinal manipulative procedures taught at all Chiropractic Colleges.  We also offer the following specialty Chiropractic procedures: Flexion -Distraction (a type of manual intersegmental traction),  Activator technique, this is a small hand held instrument utilized for a more gentle approach to spinal manipulatio and Motion Palpation which can be used for both spinal joints and upper or lower extremities.

Acupunture is used  for Pain Management.   Some of the chronic diseases that acupuncture has worked well in pain management are Lupas, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Migraine Headaches and Reducing Tonitis ( Ringing in the ears).   Another use of Acupuncture is the Cessation of Smoking.   Dozens of our patients, some with a thirty year smoke habit are now smoke free.    Please see what our patients have to say about this new technique in our testimonial section.  We've also had success with getting breech babies to turn and helping new mothers increases milk production.

If you have any questions or comments please E-mail us at : info@drolney.

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